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Wind Power

Wind power project development

In wind power projects, we manage the entire electrical power grid and telecommunications network from the connection point to the turbine. We design wind farm’s network topologies and connection solutions and take care of licensing. If necessary, we make field visits at the site. During the project development phase, we evaluate different solution options and their cost effects. After construction of the electrical power grid, we also provide our clients with maintenance services.

We offer nationwide services for infrastructure construction of smaller and larger wind park complexes, as well as tailor-made solutions for more modest needs. In addition to project developers and constructors, we also consult electricity companies about wind farm connections.

Grid optimizations

In the assessment of the project’s implementing pre-requisites, the construction feasibility of the power grid is examined from both technical and financial perspective. When constructing the grid, we evaluate, which components should be used and various options for network topology. In addition, we estimate the cost effect of the construction.

Connection design and work package

We design connection solutions for different voltage levels and deliver a work package according to clients’ needs. The work package contains documents required for the construction of the wind farm’s electrical and telecommunications network. Work packages may be delivered to land developers as are.

Terrain design of wind farms

In the route design phase, we plan the location of wind farm’s electrical and telecommunication network in the terrain. In terrain design, the feasibility of the planned route is examined and solutions are sought to circumvent, cross or undercut possible obstacles. The purpose is to optimize and select the economically most suitable route. In connection with terrain design, we may also, among other things, carry out soil investigations, and ascertain height differences.

Hazard and interference voltage reports

We carry out inspections and investigations of hazardous and interference voltages. The calculation quantities we master include, for example, equivalent grounding impedances, reduction factors and calculated induced voltages. Reports map how the transmission line’s affect the surrounding land area, and the electricity and telecommunications network. Reports present measures how to identify hazardous objects and implement protective measures for them setting thus foundation for grounding design.

Soil resistivity measurements

We perform measurements of the soil resistance in the terrain. Grounding design is based on the measurement results giving our experienced measurers required expertise to make necessary observations about the objects to be considered in terrain planning. During the same measurement, we can, if necessary, collect and prepare maintenance or location information.

Power grid connection specifications

We act as a VJV (grid code specifications for power generating facilities) consultant for the connecting facility in the process of verifying power grid connection specifications (VJV2018, in addition SJV2020, KJV2018). We have key expertise and capabilities for modelling, simulation, and measurement tasks within the framework of the specifications. We help the subscriber through the power grid specifications process, from the planning stage of the facility up to the final operating permit (Fingrid’s FON), within the framework of the power plant construction and specification verification schedules.

Wind Power

Wind power construction

Work site supervision

We monitor both construction quality and safety at the work site and report the client on the implementation thereof in accordance with the agreed plan and in form oof spot checks. We carry out site inspections in accordance with the agreed plan. We can provide guidance for contractors regarding the construction of the electricity and telecommunications network and, if necessary, we may brief and guide contractors in issues and work procedures related to the construction site.

Safety Coordinator

We handle the duties of the statutory safety coordinator at the construction site, acting in the role of client’s safety coordinator.

Mapping of wind farms

We carry out location measurements and inspections of cables with the accuracy and tools required by the client. We use GNSS and total station equipment. When mapping, we can determine the installation depth of the cables. Mappings and inspections can be carried out both during construction and during final inspections of construction sites, and to update the documentation of the existing power grid. We transfer and store data directly in client’s systems.

Wind Power

Wind power maintenance

Maintenance services

In connection with maintenance inspections of wind farms electrical and telecommunications grid, we annually check, for example, network components, such as electricity poles, transformers, and distribution cabinets, for compliance with regulations, the accuracy of markings and possible repair needs. We check whether the observations about the terrain and the grid match the data recorded in the system. We will update the information, if necessary, or provide the client with a listing, which can be implemented at client’s own discretion.

Maintenance planning

Our maintenance planning provides solutions in situations in which the need for renewal related to the wind farm’s grid is detected. We evaluate the need for renewal and provide our clients with an overview of the cost-effective implementation of the network renovation: different options with cost effects and schedule estimates. Maintenance plans may also be provided for individual and in more limited scope.

Efficiency with systems

In our work, we use, among other things, the following network information systems::

  • AutoCad

  • BasePower

  • Microstation

  • 3Dwin

  • Buildie

  • DIgSILENT PowerFactory
  • PSS/E

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