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At Despro we have skilled professionals for various stages of the life cycle of fibre-optic and mobile networks and equipment facilities, right from the planning to development projects.

Fibre-optic network

Mobile network

Equipment facilities

Fibre-optic network

Project planning and pre-planning of fibre-optic network

We provide our clients services related to the management, planning, construction, and documentation of telecommunication network assets, offering among other things technical and financial reports on investments, permit applications, loudness mapping and maintenance.

The scope of assignments may vary from a single object to planning the regional grid for the entire municipality. We provide services nationwide.

Investment planning

We evaluate alternatives for building of fibre-optic networks and map the cost effects of the solutions. We carry out the investigations related to the construction of the network and the necessary terrain inspections. Based on the above, we evaluate, which is the most profitable and cost-effective way to implement the network, providing at the same time rough cost calculations to support decision-making.

Preliminary statements

We prepare necessary statements to support decision-making and seek statements from various stakeholders and parties, including environmental surveys, archaeological inventories, and official statements. We put together the necessary plans and cost estimates for the network technology in the area (Active P2P or passive GPON network) and select a construction method (traditional cabling or microchannel technology).

Fibre-optic network

Design of fibre-optic network

Design of fibre-optic network

Terrain planning of the telecommunications network

In the terrain planning phase, the route of the optical fibre network in the terrain is mapped. We study the feasibility of the planned route and seek solutions to circumvent, cross or undercut possible obstacles. In addition, the existing network structure and components are examined to the extent essential for planning. If necessary, we also carry out inspections with participation of the authorities, and the contractor’s or client’s representative during the terrain planning phase.

Work package

We monitor at the work site both construction quality and safety and report on the implementation thereof to the client as agreed beforehand. We handle the duties of the statutory safety coordinator at the construction site and carry out construction site inspections and spot checks. We guide contractors in issues and work procedures related to the construction site and commissioning.

Fibre-optic network

Construction of the fibre-optic network

Work management

In the capacity of client’s constructor and foreman, we are responsible for work orders and schedules, work monitoring, approving of invoices, site supervision, and for checking terrain plans. We participate in meetings at the work site and during the contract period and check the work documents prepared by the contractor with regards of their work. If necessary, we also handle complaints on behalf of the client and the indispensable communication with landowners and authorities. We report on the work in accordance with the practice agreed with the client.

Work site supervision

We monitor at the work site both construction quality and safety and report to the client on the implementation thereof in accordance with the agreed plan. We carry out spot checks in accordance with the agreed plan. If necessary, we may brief and guide contractors in issues and work procedures related to the construction site.


We carry out location measurements and inspections of cables with the accuracy and tools required by the client. We use GNSS and total station equipment. When mapping, we can determine the installation depth of the cables. Mappings and inspections are carried out during construction, during final inspections of construction sites, and to update the documentation of the existing power grid. We transfer and store data directly in client’s systems.

Fibre-optic network

Maintenance of telecommunications network

Maintenance of telecommunications network

Maintenance services

In connection with the maintenance inspections of the telecommunications network, we check the compatibility with the regulations, the correctness of the markings and the possible need for repairs of power grid components (e.g. extensions, poles, equipment rooms and distribution cabinets). We check whether the observations about the terrain and the power grid match the data recorded in the system. We will update the information, if necessary, or provide the client with a listing, which can be implemented at client’s own discretion.

Maintenance planning

Maintenance planning provides solutions in situations in which the need for renewal/updating related to the telecommunications network is noticed. We evaluate the need for renewal and provide our clients with an overview of cost-effective implementation of the network renovation: different options with cost effects and schedule estimates. Maintenance plans may also be done for individual, more limited entities.




We carry out the procurement of new equipment space, mast and pole locations as needed. We go through the options defined in advance and form the best vision for the location of the new equipment room, mast or pole. We apply for building permits from the landowner, city or municipality, and we are responsible for organizing neighbors’ hearings and other surveys and permit matters.

Efficiency in all phases of the telecommunication network life cycle

TIn our work, we use, among other things, the following programs, and applications:

  • KeyCom

  • Nims

  • SNET

  • AutoCad

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