Expert in renewable energy and critical infrastructure


Expert in renewable energy and critical infrastructure

Electric power networks

We provide services for each part of the lifecycle of an electric power network ranging from designs based on the customer’s needs to cost-effective and safe construction contracting for the project as well as condition inspections for the network. Our services include both overhead and underground systems from small, individual orders to larger service solutions.

Transmission lines

We provide versatile expert services for transmission line projects. We can act as a specialist during the design phase of a transmission line and work in supervisory and site supervision roles during construction, also taking charge of the final documentation and surveys. We can also provide services pertaining to maintenance tasks, such as condition inspections.

Wind power

With wind power projects, we can manage the entire electrical and telecommunications networks from the service point up to the turbine. We design network topologies and connection solutions for wind farms, act specialist roles during the project development, and also serve our customers with maintenance-related tasks after the construction of the network.

Telecommunications and data centers

We offer competent telecommunications professionals to help you in all stages of the lifecycle of optical fiber and mobile networks and data centers from design to development projects. We can serve our customers with all tasks pertaining to the asset management, design, construction, and documentation of telecommunications networks and data centers.

Electrical substations

We serve our customers with solid expertise and extensive experience of all tasks related to the design, construction, documentation, and measurement of electrical substations. Our customers include the industrial sector, production facilities, and grid companies. We also provide subcontract engineering services to contractors.


We offer expert services pertaining to exterior lighting for both the constructors and the owners of lighting networks. Our services for constructors range from individual design assignments to project management for construction and maintenance. For the owners of lighting networks, we offer our services as individual project assignments or lifecycle management solutions for the entire lighting system.


We offer both expert and measurement services to our industrial clients. Our expert services include the designing, documentation, maintenance, and assessment of industrial electrical networks. Through our robust measurement experience, we can carry out measurements for industrial purposes with professional competence.

Services and expertise

The most passionate engineers in Finland

We offer expert services covering the entire lifecycle of electrical, telecommunications, and lighting infrastructure throughout the country. Our customers include infrastructure owners, contractors, and other operators in the field, and we serve them with design and procurement, expert analyses, project consulting, project management, monitoring, and site engineer assignments as well as infrastructure maintenance.

Despro is the home of the most passionate engineers in Finland. We believe that an inspiring work environment and wellbeing at work are very important to us all. We encourage our people to bring forward their own ideas, to influence their work, and to develop both their own activities and the operation of our company further through these means. Together we can create the infrastructure of the future.

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