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Antti Savolainen


Passionately managing growth and setting new directions and objectives while engaging the entire personnel.

Iko Laaksonen


Providing and developing expert services in renewable energy.

Marika Svärd

Personnel and culture

Full-heartedly fostering a culture of passionate engineering and wellbeing at Despro.

Harri Huhtala


Keeping in close contact with new customers and ensuring that Despro has the right contacts for any situation.

Janne Vuolle

Quality and processes

Ensuring that Despro’s internal processes provide our customers a high-quality and transparent service experience.

Karoliina Tuominen

Construction management, Documentation

Piloting developing businesses

Esa Paukkunen

Electrical substations

Ensuring the execution of even the most demanding projects with robust expertise.

Mikko Lahtela


Always raising telecommunications expert services to the next level.

Matti Haikka


Ready to offer robust expertise and high quality for lighting design and co-construction projects.

Sami Laine

Distribution networks

Encouraging and cheering on the team like a winner, always striving toward better performance.

Marko Kivinen

Distribution networks

Finalizing projects, making the team shine with their ever-improving performances.

Janne Ruohola

Transmission lines

Skillfully ensuring the competent and high-quality work of transmission lines team.

Heikki Sorri

Electrical substations, measurements, and hazardous voltage assessments

Developing solutions for even the most demanding challenges and creating new approaches.

Teemu Aho


Executing high-quality measurement projects, responding to the customers’ needs.

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    Despro provides professional services for energy and telecom industries. We offer our services for network construction companies, network owners and other stakeholders

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